13 Celeb Exes Who Are On Really Good Terms

And Josh himself reacted to Fergie’s reaction to their announcement in an interview on The Jess Cagle Show. “Fergie is an amazing woman. She really is. And she’s taken Audra in, you know, and it could be much worse. That’s the thing, is you never know how these things are gonna go, but because she’s such a kindhearted person, she really, truly is. She only has love for Audra and is excited as well, I can’t believe how excited she is for us. You know, it’s a, like I said, it could be a lot worse, and I’ve seen it. I’ve lived it. And, uh, thankfully we have a really civil situation.”

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/jenniferabidor/celebrity-exes-on-good-terms

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