A pitch clock violation ends the Red Sox-Braves spring training game

„Ez a baseball 2023-ban” – jegyezte meg a NESN bejelentő legénysége egy automatikus hármas ütés után.

“This is baseball in 2023,” the NESN announcing crew remarked after an automatic triple.
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THE new rules The game set for the upcoming MLB season is sure to change baseball forever, and the most impactful change will undoubtedly be the introduction of the pitch clock. A maximum of twenty seconds between each tone. The toys flyand since pace of play has been a huge talking point around Major League Baseball in recent years, this is very welcome change.

But that doesn’t mean there won’t be growing pains.

Yes, baseball old-timers’ worst fears are coming true, as a spring training game was potentially defined by a pitch clock violation. The rule requires the batter to face the pitcher and be ready to strike with eight seconds left on the clock. In the video, Braves second baseman Cal Conley took too long to get ready to pitch and was hit by a strikeout, the last strike at bat and the last strike of the inning. Bases loaded, two outs, and the last pitch was never called. Yes, I can understand how this upsets some people. At the same time, take a step back, take a deep breath, and try to understand that this probably won’t be common once the season rolls around.

Players have to adapt

This is a new change! It’s going to take time for people to get used to it, especially guys who get paid to play this game that they’ve played a certain way their whole lives. Do they have a month to adjust to the new pace of play and figure it out? This will most likely be a long time.

It may not seem like players will be able to adapt that quickly given how often we’ve seen pitchclock violations in these early games, but as we see more, players will become more aware of these violations as well. Chances are they don’t want to take the bat out of their hands again and will work accordingly to adjust to the new timing.

By the time the regular season rolls around, players settle into a routine at-bats that allows them to get in and out of a batter’s box in no more than twelve seconds. I know baseball players are a superstitious bunch who like to engage in rituals between pitches, before at-bats, and even during games, but that’s the beautiful thing about superstitions, they’re fickle. They can be changed. The same guy who a gold thong to help break a bumpy slump, they’re just as likely to remove said thong when their fights return a few weeks later.

Finally, it’s still spring training. If this rule changed the outcome of games that actually matter, I would understand being upset, but those games literally don’t matter! If there was time for your team to lose games due to the new rule, now is the time. And lo, now the the entire organization will be more aware of the progress of the rule. The purpose of spring training is for players to re-enter the world of baseball, get back into the swing of things, and adjust to any changes that may occur. It’s a pretty big change, but not as game-breaking as some might think or as this video would suggest. That doesn’t mean there won’t be a few bad examples of this rule come season, and I’m sure people will be cherry picking. these clips are to show how detrimental the pitch clock is to the game when it happens, but it won’t happen nearly as often as we’re currently seeing. Call Men’s Warehouse because I guarantee it.

Source: https://deadspin.com/mlb-pitch-clock-red-sox-braves-spring-training-1850159841

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