Andrew Bogut says more stupid things

Team chemistry is hard to quantify. There’s no surefire way to get a group of guys to like each other, and even if they do, it doesn’t always stay that way. So count “removing Andrew Bogut” among the many things went the journey of the Golden State Warriors over the past seven or eight yearsears. Because the retired Australian big man has become a troll.

On social media this week, Bogut talked about how a transgender athlete would likely be a Australia’s professional women’s championship.

God, there are so many things not to like about this tweet, which has been retweeted over 2,700 times. (Twitter is truly unbeatable as a haven for horrible people.) Let’s take a closer look.

Andrew Bogut is a fool, Exhibit A

The word is @NBL1 South Women has a biological male playing this season.

Is it okay to sacrifice the sanctity of women’s sports in the name of “inclusion”?

Okay, first off, kudos to the NBL, Australia’s professional women’s hoops league, for accepting the application of a transgender athlete, and double kudos for the news that they set to approve it. Sports is one of the most controversial aspects transgender community, and the only way to figure out a path to equality is to allow them to compete. Bridges can be crossed as we approach them and arguments against the likes of Lia Thomas already disbanded.

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Second, and this relates to Bogut, I don’t think transgender people enjoy being referred to as “biological males.” Referring to Bogut as “Transphobic Crocodile Dundee” because my basic instinct is to yell at him online doesn’t make it true. And if your tweet shows anything about your level of understanding of the transgender community, it might help you do some research. Lots of research.

Andrew Bogut is gay, exhibit B

#GirlDads where are you?

A hashtag is trending as long as no action is required.

It’s really just worrisome stuff from the misunderstanding of Girl Dads to the hashtag shenanigans. I’m not a dad, but I get the feeling from Girl Dads that I know it’s all about making their daughters badassto be yourself to overcome all obstacles – regardless of how society views them. Transgender women are girls too, and whoever is the father of the athlete trying to break into the NBL, I hope he’s his biggest fan.

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Associating the term #GirlDad with hateful rhetoric is right-wing insanity 101, and Bogut was very much inclined to that way of thinking.

This isn’t the first time he’s used children as a shield for his dislike of transgender people. Went regarding the issue of gender identity His 6-year-old son got his soccer license a couple of weeks ago, and damn The fighters were lucky to distance themselves from the Australians.

Bogut has been bitter ever since being cut from the Dub’s roster because his game was as outdated as his stance on transgenderism. Joe Jacob and Steve Kerr had no way of knowing that Bogut was a conservative sleeper agent at the company timebut sometimes it’s just your decade.