Buffalo Bills’ Josh Allen needs to stand up for Black teammates

No matter your take on Josh Allen’s style of play, what can’t be denied is that his on-field success is due almost entirely to his Black teammates — the ones of the race that Buffalo Bills owner Terry Pegula “allegedly” told to “go back to Africa.”

This is the moment when someone of Allen’s hue, job security, and stature within the organization could stand up and do something. But, don’t be surprised if No. 17 remains seated.

In a post-Colin Kaepernick world, we’ve seen players sit, kneel, raise fists, and give speeches. However, since 2016 you will be hard-pressed to find a single white quarterback that’s actually gone the extra mile to look out for their Black teammates — especially when Donald Trump called them “sons of bitches.”

Like the ones that came before him and the ones that will come after, Allen is a part of that useless bunch.

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For instance, a peek at the Bills’ depth chart shows just how much Allen owes to Black folks. The three men listed as starting wide receivers that Allen throws to are all Black — Stefon Diggs, Deonte Harty, and Gabe Davis. The running back and fullback are both Black — James Cook and Reggie Gilliam. Two of the five men who protect Allen on his offensive line are Black — Dion Dawkins and O’Cyrus Torrence.

“If the Black players don’t like it here, they should go back to Africa and see how bad it is,” is what Pegula is accused of saying when player protests were taking place during the national anthem. And despite how loud the noise has been around Bills ownership this week, Allen has been as quiet as a church mouse.

Oh, but it gets worse.

Because Jim Trotter filed his racial discrimination/retaliation lawsuit against the NFL earlier this week, we know even more about Pegula’s alleged actions.

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Check this out from the lawsuit:

“Mr. Pegula stated his opinion that Mr. Kaepernick’s disenfranchisement was a ‘media problem’ and proposed that the NFL needed a spokesperson to promote the league’s image. Mr. Pegula suggested that the spokesperson be Black in order to placate the media: ‘For us to have a face, as an African-American, at least a face that could be in the media, we could fall in behind that.’ This statement exemplifies the NFL’s focus on ‘appearing’ inclusive when it is advantageous from a business or public relations angle, while not actually embracing the concept of diversity in any meaningful manner.”

Damar Hamlin, this is what your owner really thinks of you.

Josh Allen is one of the eight men who were selected as captain for the Bills this season. They’re assumed to be “leaders of men” and the heads of the locker room. Of that group, no one has more power, job security, or money than Allen. This would be the perfect time for him to use it — but, he won’t. Besides, it’s a lofty expectation, at best — like believing he’ll improve his turnover rate.

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Source: https://deadspin.com/josh-allen-terry-pegula-buffalo-bills-nfl-1850842801