Dan Snyder is reportedly blocking Jeff Bezos’ bid for Commanders

Dan Snyder reportedly held back Jeff Bezos from private auction of Washington Commanders

Dan Snyder reportedly held back Jeff Bezos from private auction of Washington Commanders
Photo: Adrian Kraus (AP)

Apparently Daniel Snyder’s contempt for Jeff Bezos is blocking the billionaire Amazon founder from the purchase of the Washington Commanders. Bezos volt allegedly prevented from joining a private auction for the NFL franchise Because of Snyder a a long-standing grudge.

It’s clear why Snyder he had beef with her Bezos, whose owner is a washington post office. The paper onn more clauses that Snyder allegedly enabled sexual harassment.

According to WaPo:

“The allegations … — from 2006 to 2019 — cover most of Snyder’s tenure as owner and fall into two categories: making unsolicited overtures or comments of a sexual nature, and urging her to wear revealing clothing and flirt with customers in order to close sales deals .”

As the NY Post wrote at the end of Januarysome believe Snyder suspects Bezos encouraged the tough covOrigin to force the distressed owner to sell the team. Back in November, the source said Peter King of NBC Sports that sale to Bezos will it never happens.

“Dan Snyder hates the washington post office. Under no circumstances would he sell it to the owner of the paper,” the source claims.

Bezos’ interest in an NFL franchise

in 2019 reports indicated that Bezos had relationships with several NFL owners, including Snyder.

As Jason La Canfora noted in his article for CBS Sports:

“Snyder has been trying to build a state-of-the-art downtown stadium in D.C. for years and has become increasingly frustrated with the location and age of FedEx Field. Bezos moved the washington post office will move to a new location after buying the paper, set up an Amazon headquarters in the area, and some believe he could help Snyder pursue a new stadium, perhaps even with an Amazon sponsorship.”

However, after this piece was written, Snyder has denied rumors that he has a relationship with Bezosclaiming he hadn’t seen her in a decade at the time.

After Snyder announced his interest in possibly selling the Commanders, TMZ reported that Bezos may partner with rapper Jay-Z to buy the team. There were even reports that Bezos would do it is considering sale of washington post office to improve its chances, although Bezos claimed the publication was never for sale.

Aside from his interest in buying an NFL team, Bezos seems to have always had an affinity for the DC area and football in general. In 2022, Amazon bought the rights Thursday night footballwhich led me there record Amazon Prime subscriptions. Bezos owns a house in the DC metro area, and Amazon’s second headquarters is across the Potomac River in Crystal City, Virginia. Even if Bezos didn’t have the rumored business relationship with Snyder, that doesn’t mean he did the two never interacted.

Once a proud franchise seller

Snyder may ultimately decide not to sell the Commanders since he didn’t get the asking price NY Post famous. THE tabloid reported that the best offer Snyder received was $5.5 billion, while other publications such as Forbes reported that offers had been received for the $7 billion “far north” team.

“He’s an ass and he might not want to give it up,” said a source closely following the sale. NY Post.

Whether or not Snyder is forced to leave the Commanders, which he bought for $800 million in 1999, It will be determined at the annual meeting of owners on March 26. It wouldn’t be surprising if other owners voted to oust Snyder. In October 2022, Colts owner Jim Irsay was quoted as saying that Snyder would potentially need 24 votes to remove the Commanders co-owner. This is it 75 percent league owners.

One possible reason why Snyder is still in charge was detailed by the nearly 8,000 words ESPN exposure by Don Van Natta Jr., Seth Wickersham and Tisha Thompson, published in October.

The report cites Snyder recently said he had “collected enough secrets to blow up several NFL owners,” with the league front office and Goodell as victims. Snyder’s supposed options are in place to protect himself from any attempts to dislodge him as the owner of the Commanders.

Less than a month later, DC Attorney General Karl Racine announced his office wagoes after Snyderthe franchise itself, the National Football League and league commissioner Roger Goodell, who is pursuing civil charges against the quartet.

Source: https://deadspin.com/nfl-washington-commanders-dan-snyder-jeff-bezos-wapo-1850159790

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