Dan Snyder Reportedly Delays Signing Bonuses, Hints at Sale

If you rattle off a bunch of hypothetical hints that Dan Snyder may fall, indicating that he is selling the Washington’s commanders, delaying signing bonuses past a potential sale date would be No. 2 on the list. The first is the moving cheerleader tryouts before May 12, but considering the a hot tub of investigations and lawsuits currently imbibing, that would be a little over the top even for Snyder.

In the story of The Athletic, they are spoke with a former member of Washington’s front office about late payments and pointed out that the money usually goes out within a month of signing a player.

“Compared to their previous contractual precedents, it appears that they have deliberately delayed the first installment of signing bonuses,” the source said. “It is very likely related to the expected date of sale. … I think the payout dates are pretty telling.”

This is from last week’s news when reported the PFT that Dan and Tanya Snyder they took their personal belongings from the team facilities. No word on whether Dan took his box Cheerleaders Gone Wild DVDs or digitized. (Snyder denied the allegations (He had “highlight reel” tapes of topless cheerleaders.)

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So is the long night over? Will the fans finally be able to rejoice, at least the ones who didn’t become White Walkers?

I believe it when I see it

As promising as the latest round of evidence is, no one will believe the Snyders are gone until the sale is final. Even more drastic measures may be necessary – several months in the fumigation chamber, a Men in Black memory wipe, exorcism, new team name – you name it. The trauma fans suffered at the DMV will likely take years, therapy and plenty of wins.

And then there’s the possibility of Snyder filling in for Jordan Belfort and rallying the March owners around him while screaming:I’m not going to fuck off!Every time you think a powerful old white guy has taken his last breath, he bounces back with profanity like Logan Roy and tells his base to storm the capitol.

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Assuming that happens, it will be up to the owners to vote Snyder out. The NFL requires 24 out of 31 to be in favor of the removal, and I doubt I’d assume a room full of old white guys would go against one of their own. It would set a precedent of accountability for the group of people who fire coaches and front offices with impunity and always point fingers, not thumbs.

It’s a circular saying: No amount of hearsay, clues, or hints will convince me that Dan Snyder is gone until I personally see him, Jerry Richardson, and Donald Sterling hanging out wherever the exiled owners die. picture and have it certified by a notary public Roger Goodell.

Deadspin is looking forward to the time when the Commanders team page isn’t a Dan Snyder Reddit thread. However, those stories, as well as some about Washington’s NFL team, can be found here.

Source: https://deadspin.com/dan-snyder-washington-commanders-nfl-jeff-bezos-1850248146