Eric Bieniemy’s presser shows why he should be an NFL head coach

Eric Bieniemy speaks after being introduced as the new offensive coordinator and assistant head coach of the Washington Commanders on February 23, 2023.

Eric Bieniemy speaks after being introduced as the new offensive coordinator and assistant head coach of the Washington Commanders on February 23, 2023.
Photo: Luis M. Alvarez (AP)

When asked why he was the Kansas City Chiefs Offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy In the NFL since then, you have to have that title and not be a current head coach Rihanna blessed us with his presence in Super Bowl LVII and Patrick Mahomes won his second championship – wit Bieniemy as the offensive coordinator. But all credit goes to Andy Reid, right? After this year’s coaching carousel, it was clear that something had to change Bieniemy. And after being introduced as Washington On Thursday, the Chiefs’ new offensive coordinator was left in the dark as to why he works for Ron Rivera and isn’t one of his 31 NFL head coaching colleagues.

Yes, it’s his rap sheet was reported as a possible cause, but this did not prevent the hiring of other individuals without an intact past. Hello Urban Meyer. There was also that weird, borderline racist trope that he he didn’t interview well. The downside of this is that he doesn’t speak well, he can’t communicate with those who are in leadership roles in the franchise. What mind-blowing crap it’s always been. Remember Eagles coach Nick Sirianni’s opening news conference in Philadelphia? And he led his team to the Super Bowl in year 2. Bieniemy to become a poster boy (male) because of the negative side of the NFL’s head coaching hiring process.

Beast from the East

A big splash this early in the NFL offseason calendar doesn’t usually happen. We usually have to wait until the start of free agency, which is March 15th this year, for these fireworks. Still, Bieniemy’s entry into the nation’s capital addresses the weakest point of the worst team in the NFC East. Despite the challenges of the AFC North, Bieniemy’s addition to the NFC East confirms that it remains the strongest division in the NFL. If Washington’s offense improves even slightly from last season, and without Carson Wentz and Taylor Heinicke at quarterback, these odds are high, this is a playoff team. To be fair, both games against the Giants last season go a different game, the Commanders were already in the playoffs with a crappy quarterback.

In the war between the AFC North and the NFC East, you could call it a toss-up between the Eagles and the Bengals. Both lost to the Chiefs by field goals, ending their seasons. Dallas has a slight advantage over Baltimore a healthy Lamar Jackson. With him, it’s a push. The strength of an entire division usually depends on its depth. And the Steelers and Browns were stinking monsters last season. Both the Giants and the Commanders have shown signs of a promising future. If Kenny Pickett is the best representative of that out of the bottom two For the AFC North teams, that doesn’t bode well for any of their long-term prospects.

Bieniemy was an offensive lineman in Kansas City. There are too many chefs in the kitchen for everyone to share the spoils of the James Beard Award, especially for annoying chefs. Bieniemy is now on an island in Washington. Ron Rivera is a defensive minded head coach. He welcomes a renaissance to his stay at the top of the Commanders thanks to the uplifting exploits of Bieniemy. Sam Howell being the franchise’s first stable presence at quarterback since Mark Rypien. If you’re counting Kirk Cousins, please shut up. He was always wrong. So was Jason Campbell.

He was asked several times Thursday if his stay in Washington was just to prove he could run an offensive, not around Any Reid. hopes to get a head coaching job, Bieniemy gave the only possible answer as to how the commanders were on their feet. While I think there’s some truth to his pride in his employer and his genuine desire to lead another group of young players, there’s no way he’ll leave the Chiefs for an easier job unless there’s a bigger plan involved. A raise and more responsibilities are coming along with a move to the NFC East, and this could be the last remaining hole on his resume where he can finally manage his own team. Then you remember they hire the same scumbag as head coaches and they can move the goalposts again to Bieniemy. In the meantime, all he can do is prove why the NFL is so scrappy by leading Washington deeper than the divisional playoffs for the first time in more than three decades.


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