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In this comprehensive review, we delve into Adobe Workfront’s features, pricing, and more. Find out if this project management tool is the right fit for your team.

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If you’re looking for a project management tool that specializes in marketing campaigns and helps you deliver the best experiences for clients and consumers, then the juggernaut software company Adobe has a solution worth considering.

Adobe Workfront from the Adobe Experience Cloud is a project management tool engineered for enterprise-level work management, automation, data visualization and performance management.

Free plan No
Free trial No
Starting price Requires talking to sales and offering your contact info.
Multiple work views Yes

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Adobe Workfront pricing

Adobe Workfront doesn’t offer upfront pricing for their different plans. To obtain pricing you will need to fill out a contact form (Figure A) asking for your business email, phone, department and so on.

Figure A

The pricing contact form.
The pricing contact form.


The Select subscription has access to work management, resource management, reporting, customization and collaboration features. It doesn’t have full enterprise security features or include add-ons.


In Prime, you have most features including enterprise security and compliance.


The highest tier, Ultimate, includes automation, scenario planning and add-on products without an extra fee.

Adobe offers a PDF for a more nuanced breakdown of plans.

Key features of Adobe Workfront

Adobe Workfront has a number of advanced features to upgrade your team’s workflows. Below, we review a couple of their capabilities that teams will love for project workflows.

Work automation

One of the best solutions for project development and progress is being able to offload tasks and free up time. Adobe Workfront provides no-code automation for system tasks. Using Workfront Fusion, teams can connect web applications in one place (Figure B), making it easier to automate work between them. This means that changes to projects are reflected in all relevant places as well.

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Figure B

Using Workfront Fusion, teams can connect web applications in one place.
Using Workfront Fusion, teams can connect web applications in one place.

Reporting and dashboards

Work visualizations are possibly the best feature in project management software because they offer alternate ways to see your data and evaluate insights (Figure C). Adobe Workfront dashboards (Figure D) offer teams custom views, filtering to meet individual needs and real-time reports to stay on track of progress.

Figure C

Work visualizations in Adobe.
Work visualizations in Adobe.

Figure D

Adobe Workfront dashboards.
Adobe Workfront dashboards.

Budget and expense management

While budgeting tools aren’t always included in project management solutions, it’s a huge advantage for advertising and marketing goals. In the software, you can see real-time budgets, forecasting and performance. Teams can connect the budget with plans and spending to compare. Also available is the integration with the budgeting platform Anaplan and the ability to connect records with Workfront Fusion.

Figure E

Workfront Fusion in Adobe Workfront.
Workfront Fusion in Adobe Workfront.

Ease of use

The user interface isn’t as modern or customizable but it’s still intuitive for many. Online reviews for Adobe Workfront are overall positive with some noting issues with the learning curve. It’s not suited for simple work and is a dense, robust tool that takes practice.

Security & privacy

Adobe Workfornt promises enterprise-level security and privacy. They meet multiple data standards including GDPR and AICPA’s Trust Services Principles.

Adobe Workfront pros

  • Great for enterprise teams.
  • Extremely advanced capabilities for expensive and high-tier projects.
  • A combination solution for budgeting, automation, project management and project planning.
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Adobe Workfront cons

  • No upfront pricing and requires giving your contact info to get it.
  • A complex software that may not be as intuitive as its competitors.
  • No free plan and not suited for small teams and startups.

Adobe Workfront integrations

  • Adobe Creative Cloud — an all-in-one content creation bundle.
  • Adobe Experience Manager — streamline work and get real-time reports on experiences.
  • Google Drive — collaborate fast and virtually by connecting to Google Workspace.
  • Microsoft OneDrive — keep important data moving back and forth by connecting your Microsoft tech stack.
  • Slack — communicate effectively and easily on project changes and deadlines.
  • Salesforce — integrate your favorite sales tool so you can focus on the customer journey.
  • Jira — connect your project management and software development workloads for unified communication.

Who is Adobe Workfront best for?

The software may not have an upfront pricing model, but its capabilities are for enterprises with large teams and complex projects:

  • Enterprise or medium-sized established teams.
  • Groups that work in advertising, customer or client experience and marketing.
  • Team with complex project management needs such as automation, budgeting and scenario planning.

Alternatives to Adobe Workfront

While Adobe business software solutions are known for being incredibly powerful, it’s still good to shop around. The selections below are all powerful, affordable and popular project management applications.

Software Free plan Integrations Starting price
Asana Yes Yes $10.99 user/month
monday.com Yes Yes $8 user/month
Smartsheet Yes Yes $7 user/month

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Both a popular and affordable project management tool, Asana is an awesome solution to manage workloads. All plans have unlimited tasks. projects and messaging. The software includes multiple work views, task management, automation, integrations and project reporting. Advanced integrations include Adobe Creative Cloud, Tableau and Salesforce. You can learn more in our Asana review.


Monday is one of the most popular business project management solutions for a reason. It’s feature-rich, has multiple plan options and a variety of work views such as maps, charts, timelines and workloads. Teams can benefit from over 200 templates, automation, integrations and plenty of file storage. The Enterprise tier provides the company with 1,000GB of storage and access to premium integrations such as Salesforce and NetSuite. You can learn more in our monday.com review.


If your project requires visualizing extensive data, then Smartsheet is a great option. It has multiple work views, advanced reporting and a massive library of templates for unique use cases. You can organize information in spreadsheets that can handle complex formulas and functions, automate workflows and collaborate easily. Integrations are available including Tableau, Slack, Salesforce, Jira, Adobe Creative Cloud, Zapier and many more. You can learn more in our Smartsheet review.

Review methodology

The software was evaluated from a buyer’s perspective and critically examined with cost, information given or lack thereof, features, benefits and issues in mind. For respect of buyers’ time, highlights of the software were considered along with alternatives that offer pricing and transparent feature breakdowns.

Source: https://www.techrepublic.com/article/adobe-workfront-review/