George Karl should have sat out the Redick-Perkins First Take drama

George Karl in 2016.

George Karl in 2016.
Photo: AP

George Karl picked a bad day after Kendrick Perkins. On Tuesday’s episode of First Take , JJ Redick and Perkins had a discussion about the NBA MVP that was loud, lively and eventually went viral on social media. Perkins refuses to back down from his opinions, so he gave himself a pat on the back after the episode when he tweeted, “A TRUTH speaker has no friends!!!”

Karl saw the post and expressed his disagreement with Perkins’ claim that he is the arbiter of basketball. Perkins tweeted the quote from the former NBA coach. Karl wrote that honest and educated people speak the truth. Perkins then fired back with a long line: “Get out of this thread.”

With this tweet, the debate stopped. While Karl clearly has his thoughts on Perkins’ MVP opinions – that was it second time this month He tweeted about it – shortly after a controversial moment on television, he explained these issues to the world, and to the person exposed.

Tuesday was far from the first time they had a discussion about the bird app. In fact, all their previous conversations had been pleasant.

In November 2010, they talked about taking each other’s meals from a bet. On November 2, 2022, Karl even tweeted “Preach Perk” when Perkins praised the Utah Jazz for starting this season with one of the best records in the NBA after losing Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell. Karl has too Perkins called out for his comments that more black coaches are needed in the NBA.

Part of the battle of words between Redick and Perkins is Redick taking exception to Perkins’ comments that Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitzki and Nikola Jokić are the only MVPs not to finish in the top 10 in scoring since 1990. Redick claimed that Perkins was implying that NBA awards voters are racist. A point Karl made in his response to Perkins that, like Redick, missed the mark. A system that may have racial bias is not the same as individual people being racist.

Karl jumping into Perkins’ mentions in defense of Redick isn’t the best look because he’s certainly had some racial controversies in his career. Deadspin’s Carron Phillips chronicled last year. While he had sided with more black NBA coaches in previous interactions with Perkins, in 2002, while discussing Doc Rivers, he said that the number of “African-American” coaches could increase. He claimed he had a white assistant coach who couldn’t get an interview.

Then there was his 2016 book. inside, he mentioned friends Carmelo Anthony and Kenyon Martin as holders. He also said that Anthony and Martin made a lot of money, but they didn’t have a father to teach them how to be men. Ahh yes, the old missing black father argument, although according to a CDC study, black fathers actually are they are more involved in their children’s lives like white and Hispanic fathers, whether they are at home or not.

Karl should probably sit out the rest of the Redick vs. Perkins debates. You have a greenhouse that you might not want people to look into. A house that Perkins probably knows all about because he was in the NBA at the same time as Anthony, Martin and any other black player who might have had a problem with Karl.

A house that can hint at moments with racial overtones, even if his response to Karl Perkins suggests that Dean Smith taught him not to be racist.


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