How Kris Yute found her best friend in Penn Badgley

You might not know who Kris Yute is yet, but you definitely know one of his close friends. For the uninitiated, Yute is a Jamaican-born, Brooklyn-born musician known for his stylish mix of rap and hazy beats that he produces primarily on his own, and his music is looking for an audience. Yute has over 100,000 monthly listeners Spotifyand his song I Did It also became popular TikTok trend in 2019.

However, for now at least, Yute is probably better known as the guy Penn Badgley occasionally dances with on TikTok. Badgley posted his first dance video for “I Did It” on his Instagram account on September 9, 2019. Badgley has posted a total of three videos with Yute on his social media platforms, the most recent being a December 2022 post to Yute’s song “Breeze”. Badgley also occasionally pops up in Yute’s reviews, which helped bring more attention to his music.

The scheming of the internet into whom Yute is perhaps one of the few good things to come out of Badgley private life is constantly making headlines. It helps that Yute and Badgley’s chemistry is undeniable. If you look at the way the actor posts with the musician, you don’t see a celebrity hawking his friend’s songs. More like two dudes who just dance and vibe. By the way of Dudes Rock Brooklyn.

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Part of the reason they dance at all is because Yute’s career got off to a slow start. He told BuzzFeed News that he is currently working two hospitality jobs after his record deal with September Recordings, whose music is distributed by Sony through Columbia Records, expired.. So he did what many do and turned to his friends to help spread the word about his music. It happens that one of his friends is a star hit the Netflix show and previously a hit CW show.

“Maybe people see me as supporting him,” Badgley told BuzzFeed News. “And I think I am, because I have the platform for it, but it’s also a reflection of who we are musically and as friends.”