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In the world of programming, things change quickly. Your team may be using the latest techniques and tools right now, but a month from now you may be lagging behind your competition. DevGuides is intended to prevent this.

This online learning platform offers monthly webinars on JavaScript and related technologies, as well as great projects for you to try. It normally costs $300 for two years of access, but TechRepublic readers can sign up today for just $39.

These days, there are many great resources for learning how to code. However, some of the most popular courses are already a year old. In a fast-moving industry, this means content is almost certainly out of date.

To avoid this problem, DevGuides takes a very different approach. Instead of creating and maintaining large courses for years, this online education platform offers new webinars every month. As a result, subscribers can learn about the latest and greatest trends in code.

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The focus here is on JavaScript, especially for young developers. By following the webinars, you and your colleagues can discover how to create a blog, how to work with APIs with React, and how to create an animated login page.

All webinars are included in the on-demand archive, meaning you won’t miss anything. Equally important, you get full access to the source code of each project.

Order today for just $39 to get your two-year subscription to DevGuides and save yourself a whopping $261 off the regular price!

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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