Less than a third of CBI members supported the renovation

Less than a third of the CBI’s remaining members voted in favor of the business lobby group’s plan to overhaul its government and culture, according to figures released in parliament on Tuesday.

Rain Newton-Smith, director general of the CBI, told MPs that the group currently has around 1,200 members because of the serious misconduct crisis at the organisation.

The number means that less than 30 percent of members voted in the vote of confidence held last week.

The CBI, which will suspend most of its activities in April until last week’s vote of confidence, won with a majority of 93-7 percent based on the participation of 371 people.

The group’s viability is being challenged by the exodus of members and the government’s decision to block access to ministers and senior officials.

On Tuesday, Newton-Smith set out to convince MPs on the House of Commons business and trade committee that the CBI remains a representative voice for businesses of all sizes in the UK economy.

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“We are very confident that we will be able to recover from the crisis that our organization has been through,” he said, outlining the changes in governance and culture the CBI has made.

Source: https://www.ft.com/content/ffee1fac-a3fd-4c84-a205-a95e401c8a99