Patrick Beverley turns up LeBron, Shannon Sharpe in Los Angeles

Pat Bev came back to Los Angeles to play.

Pat Bev came back to Los Angeles to play.
Photo: AP

LeBron James has made his long-awaited return Lakers lineup on Sunday and scored a 10-point “L” in Los Angeles in hand Chicago Bulls. Another player who returned to the Arena on Sunday was James’ former teammate Patrick Beverley. Not only did Beverley and the Bulls claim a convincing win, but Pat Bev got his revenge and got his moment to shine against ‘The King’ late in the game.

After making a layup by James to put Chicago up 10 with 72 seconds left in regulation, the 6-foot-6 Beverley paused before going back to the defense and letting LeBron know he was “too small” to guard. He’s over half a foot taller and probably over 60 pounds. tougher than the Bulls’ guard, the gesture must have tickled James along with everyone else in the game.

Beverley didn’t finish there because she then turned to LeBron’s biggest fan. UndisputedShannon Sharpe. As usual, Sharpe was sitting on the field with just seconds left in the game and Beverley looked at the NFL Hall of Famer, held her nose and told Shay Shay that his sons stink. While most fans will say it’s just Pat Bev and he’s known for these antics, it doesn’t change the fact that LA missed an opportunity to get a much needed win.

Pat Bev wasn’t part of the Bulls partying at the Lakeshow on Sunday afternoon. Former Bull and current team color analyst Stacey King did the best Sharpe impersonation on the Bulls broadcast. Sharpe is quite active on social media, so it will be funny to see how he reacts when he gets this clip. This is pure comedy.

The Lakers are in playoff/playoff contention as they currently sit in ninth place, tied with the OKC Thunder. This was a game LA couldn’t afford, and James’ return didn’t make a difference. This Lakers team seemed to be on a roll with LeBron out, and it felt like Sunday’s loss upset the team’s rhythm. With seven games left in the regular season, the Lakers need every win they can get as they are not yet tied.


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