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Are you looking for efficient HR technology with robust payroll? Read our comprehensive product review to learn more about UKG Pro pricing, key features and more.

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UKG Pro, formerly known as Ultimate Software UltiPro, is cloud-based human capital management software. It offers a wide range of functions including workforce management, resource planning, payroll, benefits, talent management, hiring and onboarding. In this UKG Pro review, we highlight its pros, cons, outstanding features, price, and some of the best alternatives.

Quick facts about UKG Pro

Pricing: Personalized. UKG Pro does not share prices on its website.


  • Payroll

  • Administration of employee benefits

  • Tax management

  • Mobile app (iOS and Android)

  • Admission and enrollment

  • Compensation management

  • Talent management

  • Employee file management

  • Reporting and analysis


Preferred partners

UKG Pro pricing

UKG Pro does not share prices publicly, so you must contact sales to request a quote. You can also expect to pay a one-time introduction fee, which depends on the size of the company and the functions required in the package. There is no free version or free trial; however, you can schedule a live demonstration.

Main features of UKG Pro

UKG Pro People Analytics

This feature allows businesses to gain insights and make data-driven decisions about their employees. You can create customized reports or use reports from an extensive built-in library to understand workforce trends. Report data can be viewed in multiple views, including bubble charts, scatter charts, and heat maps. This tool also allows users to receive proactive alerts to address issues such as compliance violations or budget overruns.

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UKG Pro People Analytics screenshot.
UKG Pro People Analytics screenshot. Image: UKG

Compensation management

UKG Pro’s compensation management tools allow you to configure salary plans to meet your organization’s needs. This includes defining rating scales and performance appraisals. It also creates a compensation plan that includes significant incentives such as bonuses and other employee rewards to boost productivity and morale.

UKG Talk

This platform allows employers to interact with employees on a deeper level to collect useful feedback, promote inclusivity and recognize employee achievements. The UKG Talk platform features group and direct messaging tools, activity feeds and interactive applications. Employers can use this feature for timely communications, including company-wide announcements.

Screenshot of UKG Talk feature.
Screenshot of UKG Talk feature. Image: UKG


UGK Pro not only offers a full suite of payroll and HR tools, but also fully complies with local, state and federal regulations. For example, it is fully compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act and the General Data Protection Regulation. The software also stays up-to-date with the latest employee data protection laws.

UKG Pro professionals

  • Complete payroll and HR tools.
  • Sandbox environment, so users can freely explore the system.
  • Extensive reporting tools.
  • Customized setting.
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Disadvantages of UKG Pro

  • Lack of transparent pricing.
  • Scaling up or down is difficult as it requires custom settings.
  • There is no free version or free trial.

Alternatives to UKG Pro

While UKG Pro is an excellent all-in-one HCM solution, it may not be right for every organization. Here are some of the best alternatives to UGK Pro:

Paychex Flex

Paychex Flex is an all-in-one HCM solution, just like UKG Pro; however, it offers more flexibility with multiple designs. It also has more transparent pricing compared to UKG Pro. The software offers all the basic features you would expect from a top HCM product, but also offers some standout features such as business insurance management and payment blocking tools. Pricing starts at $39 per month, plus $5 per person per month.

You can read our full Paychex review for more details.

It just works

Justworks is an HR information system solution that helps businesses manage their workforce. The software is easier to use than UKG. You don’t get performance management or advanced analytics, but you do get basic HR and payroll features, including automatic tax filing, compliance support, and an employee self-service portal. Pricing starts at $59 per employee per month.

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You can read the full Justworks review for more details.

Papaya Global

If your business has an international workforce, you’ll benefit from Papaya Global, which offers payroll in over 160 countries. Full-service payroll starts at $12 per employee per month. With Papaya Global, you get payroll, workforce management, and employee benefits functions.

You can read the full Papaya Global review for more details.

Who is UKG Pro best for?

UKG Pro offers a robust experience and a wide range of features for employees. However, it may not be suitable for smaller organizations that only need specialized services without having to pay extra. For example, UGK Pro does not offer stand-alone modules for all use cases. UKG Pro is ideal for medium to large organizations that require a full suite of HCM services, including human resources and payroll tools.

Review methodology

To fully understand UKG Pro, we looked at various parameters including usability, outstanding features and how it compares with competitors. To analyze the software, we looked at the features, specifications and module descriptions on UKG’s website. Finally, we also looked at user reviews and testimonials from reputable websites to complete our analysis of the software.