Rishi Sunak decides not to open an ethics investigation against Suella Braverman

Rishi Sunak has decided not to launch an ethics inquiry against the home minister for speeding.

The UK prime minister has said he has concluded Suella Braverman’s actions “do not constitute a breach of the ministerial code” after she claimed she asked civil servants for special treatment to avoid penalty points on her driving licence.

On Wednesday, Sunak said it had consulted Sir Laurie Magnus, its ethics adviser, who said there was “no need for further investigation”.

In his letter to Braverman, the Prime Minister said it would have been “better” to “avoid any perception of impropriety”, but added that he had apologised, expressed regret and given a full account of the events.

Source: https://www.ft.com/content/bc8c4b2a-8151-4f70-8090-6867c1dbe3b9

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