Team USA loses an exhibition game against the 3-9 San Francisco Giants

It looks like a bad omen for Mookie Betts and Team USA's stacked roster.

It looks like a bad omen for Mookie Betts and Team USA’s stacked roster.
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Mike Trout, Mookie Betts, Trea Turner, Nolan Arenado, Pete Alonso, Paul Goldschmidt, Kyle Schwarber. With a roster like that, you’d expect Team USA Baseball to dominate every game. They will absolutely destroy Great Britain this Saturday in the first game of the World Baseball Classic, but fans were dying to see this roster in action before the game, and that wish came true when they took on the San Francisco Giants. exhibition match yesterday.

Well, well… uh… this was unexpected. Now obviously this game doesn’t mean anything, so who cares that they lost, but it’s still shocking that it happened that way, and by a decent margin. Not that Team USA didn’t try. Miles Mikolas was the starter, and even though he was pulled after 2.2 innings, he was replaced by star relievers David Bednar, Adam Ottavino and Ryan Pressly. Team USA had Betts, Trout, Goldschmidt — who was responsible for the team’s only run — and most of the team’s starting lineup.

What’s even more embarrassing is that this is the Giants we’re talking about. Through the spring training, the 3-9. In those three wins, their combined run differential is +4. They matched that amount in their lone game against Team USA. The Giants have lost each of their last four spring training games by four or more runs. They were terrible this spring, but when challenged by the Goliath that is Team USA, will they suddenly turn into their early 2010s dynasty? Maybe Team USA sucks.

Fortunately, Team USA is next exhibition he looked a little better with it Nolan Arenado hits grand slam that puts the United States on the board.

They are doing better than last night and that is good news for us Americans. Can you imagine the shame our country would feel if we lost to Great Britain in baseball? After such a disgrace, we should disband the nation. That would be almost as bad as England having to settle for a draw against the USA in football. Unfortunately, that never happened, and certainly not at the last World Cup, did it?

Remember, after the US drew Wales in the pool, the pale knights across the pond were talking all shit. What happened after that, um? We tied their stupid asses. We got the last laugh. Those redcoats didn’t know what hit them, and I expect an absolute bloodbath on Saturday, the likes of which the British haven’t seen since the Battle of Trenton. That said, a major loss to the pathetic Giants, who haven’t even played their entire Major League roster, doesn’t inspire much confidence.

The British want revenge for the shame we handed them on November 25, 2022, and Team USA cannot allow that. Perhaps the best part is that they lost their first exhibition game. It reminds them that they are not untouchable. Even the biggest lineup can be taken down if their guard is dropped enough.

Hopefully Team USA has learned their lesson and will represent us well this weekend. The UK has never beaten the US. Not in 1776, not in 1812, not in 2022, and hell ain’t gonna happen in 2023. I’m not worried about last night’s loss. It was just meant to give the Brits hope before we throw 20 burgers at them! SHUT UP!


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