The ADP Workforce Now Review (2023): Rates, Features and More

What does ADP Workforce Now do? Easy to use? Learn about ADP Workforce Now services, pricing, pros, cons, and alternatives.

ADP Workforce Now is one of many management applications that companies can use to improve their business. ADP Workforce Now is a great solution if you’re looking for a comprehensive solution for your business, including HR, payroll and talent acquisition tools. Depending on the size of your organization and the needs of your business, ADP may be right for you. Read more about ADP Workforce Now.

ADP Workforce Now Fast Facts

Pricing: About $60 a month.

Main characteristics:

  • HR security

  • Recruiting Dashboard

  • Online application for talent

  • Mobile application and self-service payroll

  • Sophisticated tax management tools



Four different pricing options are available for small businesses working with ADP Workforce Now. These:

  • Basic
  • Improved
  • complete
  • HR Pro

For exact details, contact ADP to obtain a quote for your organization. However, in general, users have reported that ADP Workforce Now starts at around $60 per month. This is ADP’s most basic service, and other businesses have reported paying hundreds of dollars a month just for payroll.

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Main characteristics

HR security

ADP Workforce Now HR Dashboard.
ADP Workforce Now HR Dashboard. From

ADP uses advanced security software to ensure your HR data is secure. HR teams can expect configurable onboarding, automatic reporting/generation, and editable forms for employees. If you’re looking for a robust HR platform, ADP Workforce Now may be right for you.

Recruiting Dashboard

ADP's Workforce Now recruiting dashboard.
ADP’s Workforce Now recruiting dashboard. From

Using ADP makes it easy to acquire and onboard talent. It has a customizable dashboard that allows you to manage candidates, job offers and recruitment. ADP Workforce Now also syncs with ZipRecruiter, allowing you to quickly post and track jobs.

Mobile application and self-service payroll

ADP web dashboard and mobile app.
ADP web dashboard and mobile app. From

ADP’s platform supports a mobile app that allows its employees to view their payments, profits and tax documents. ADP Workforce Now also includes online self-service payroll capabilities, making it easy for teams to send and manage payments accurately.

Sophisticated tax management tools

ADP's Workforce Now payroll dashboard.
ADP’s Workforce Now payroll dashboard. From

Submitting your tax documents takes time and varies depending on where you live. With ADP Workforce Now, we record and file taxes and deductions for you. ADP prides itself on its ability to file federal, state and local taxes for organizations.

ADP Workforce Now is professional

Simple dashboard

The ADP Workforce Now dashboard is simple, responsive and intuitive. It allows you to customize many aspects of your business and gives employees more control over their data.

Mobile application and self-service functions

According to ADP, their mobile app is used by more than 18 million people. It has received almost perfect ratings from millions of users. Self-service tools also give employees more control over their payroll and HR data.

Talent management

Now you can manage your new and potential talent in one place with reports, a custom dashboard and job board integration.

Payroll tools

Self-service payroll, accurate payments, automated tax reporting, quick reports and more allow you to better develop your current payroll strategies.

Disadvantages of ADP Workforce Now

No free trial

There is no free trial for ADP’s service package, and pricing is unclear.

Overwhelming features

ADP Workforce Now has many features, many of which are great tools. However, the number of services can make navigating the service difficult at first.

Poor customer service

If you’re having trouble with ADP Workforce Now, it’s surprisingly difficult to talk to a real customer service representative. According to Trustpilot users, the team will likely talk to a chatbot.

Alternatives to ADP Workforce Now

ADP’s cloud platform has a lot of great tools, but it might not sound quite right to you. Your organization may not need as many tools or may need more customization. For this reason, we recommend that you look at some alternatives.


Wavy logo.
Wavy logo. From

The biggest advantage of Rippling is that you can choose the features you want to use. You can also swap them out as needed, which means you’ll have a little more flexibility. Rippling is a global platform perfect for large enterprises.


Ripple starts at $8 per month per person. However, this number will increase dramatically the moment you start adding other features to your subscription. Contact Rippling for an exact quote.

Read our full Rippling review for more information.


Paycor logo.
Paycor logo. From

If your business is smaller, Paycor may be for you. The service is aimed at small and medium-sized organizations and focuses on payroll, tax calculation and HR tools.


Paycor starts at $99 per month.

For more information, read our full review of Paycor.

Review methodology

This review contains information compiled from several relevant sources. The above information about ADP Workforce Now has been collected from users, vendors and reputable third party organizations.


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