The Czech Republic’s World Baseball Classic team has a day job

Team Czech Republic celebrates qualifying for the World Baseball Classic after defeating Spain on September 21, 2022.

Team Czech Republic celebrates qualifying for the World Baseball Classic after defeating Spain on September 21, 2022.
Photo: Photos by Sebastian Widmann/WBCI/MLB (Getty Images)

March 7 marks the start of the World Baseball Classic as the best players in the world compete in what is essentially the Olympics of baseball. Yes, baseball was an Olympic event in 2020, but let’s face it, that was a bigger joke than anything Marvel put together. movie scripts recently. The purpose of the WBC is to determine the best baseball country in the world.

Now obviously everyone will want to support their country of origin. Then there’s whatever team your favorite player fits, maybe the other side’s country of origin, and maybe which jersey looks the best. That’s a lot of teams to root for, but I might suggest adding one more to the list.

Baseball players with day jobs

This TikTok From Major League Baseball, which was posted yesterday and asked how members of the Czech team live, I was impressed. Their answers range from financial trader to PE teacher to student to woodworker! Well, to be fair, the lumberjack I’m talking about is the team’s third base coach, not an actual player, but it’s stupid nonetheless. Do you think the third base coach of any leading WBC country has to spend eight hours a day making tables for people? No chance! It’s incredible to see these people come together and represent their country. Just imagine that your PE teacher is the center fielder of your country’s baseball team! How cool would that be?! They’re going to smoke, aren’t they?

Well, you’d think if these people don’t play baseball for a living, they don’t stand a chance against a team like the USA, with a lineup full of All-Stars and MVPs. Fortunately, the Czech Republic does not have to play with them or the championship favorites, in the Dominican Republic, until the knockout round. However, they have to face the third biggest favorite, Japan – on Saturday, March 11 at 5 p.m.m. E.T. I’ve seen enough terrible Hallmark movies to know that this Czech team is to be feared.

Despite what the odds say, despite that team’s lack of MLB-level talent, despite every player on their opposing team preparing for this tournament every moment of every day for months, the Czech Republic has heart. If there was a Hall of Fame for hearts somewhere in the world, this team’s plaque would be the largest in the entire building! They have an apprentice, they have someone who can custom make all of their rackets and they have their very own Shohei Ohtani in Marek Minarik because he can pitch and pitch. They have what it takes! SHUT UP!

Yeah, so if you want to bet $10,000 for the Czech Republic, if they fail to get out of Group B, this would probably be a good bet. Although it might not be worth it because their chances are so bad. In fact, no problem, put everything on Japan to win this group.


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