Wakanda Forever actor honors Chadwick Boseman

That’s why BuzzFeed spoke with actor Janeshia Adams-Ginyard to ask what it was like working alongside Chadwick Boseman as a Dora Milaje warrior on set. Black Panther.

When we asked him how Chadwick was on set, his face lit up. “He wanted to make sure everyone knew each other,” he said. “He created a family, a culture and an environment where it was like a community.”

“He didn’t care if you were working handles or lights or makeup or hair if you were second or number 10 on the call sheet,” he said. “He invited me to the house. Come, come over, let’s party, we’ve been partying. Let’s get together.” Everyone is dancing. He wasn’t elitist.”

“I’ve been on some sets where some actors don’t even look your way. You’re not their financial tax. But he wasn’t like that,” Janeshia said.

Janeshia also told us that the crew really went all out to honor Chadwick’s legacy while filming the second film. “Chadwick was the core of the first movie,” Janeshia said.

“The cast and crew, especially the people who worked with him on the first movie, we rallied around and shouted and shared stories and just lifted each other up. We knew we had to be fully present and committed to honoring Chad. Everything the day I went on set, I prayed silently for him. I’m here because of Chad.”

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Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/karltonjahmal/wakanda-forever-actor-janeshia-adams-ginyard-discusses-how