Zendaya debuts short hair with highlights

Zendaya’s style has evolved a lot over the years.

Based on such things:

But one thing that has always remained the same is her hair. While you’ll play around with different styles—like braids, updos, and updos—it’s often the same shade as your natural dark brown.

That is, until this weekend, when Zendaya debuted A SHORT BLONDE LOOK on Instagram!

She shared a picture of her hair on her Instagram Stories, showing it in a curly bob that sits just above her shoulders. Like Allure noteslooks like him it turned out around the holidays, but with much brighter highlights.

Unfortunately, her face is not visible in the picture, but I can tell that it suits her very well. Yes, Zendaya!

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/chelseastewart/zendaya-hair-short-blonde

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